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Who are We?

Shift Systems is a PC builder and home IT services Company founded in 2019. We focus on creating well balanced custom PC builds for gamers and budget computers for home users. We focus on using open source wherever possible to provide our customers with the best computing experience.

Our Goals

Provide Gamers with Well Balanced and Stable Builds

At Shift, we focus on providing gamers with PCs that focus on things that matter to them like reduced loading times and higher frames per second. We also do the little things that make your gaming experience that much better such as making sure all drivers are up to date before our machines are delivered to you.

Deploy Secure Systems

All linux systems deployed by Shift have automated updates applied nightly. This provides the latest bug fixes and security patches that ensure that users are getting a safe and stable system.

Help Users Understand as Much as They Want About Computers

Some people want a computer that just turns on and opens their apps with as little interaction with the machine as possible and that is fine. However, if you are interested in learning more about technology, Shift Systems will take the time to educate users so they can get the most out of their devices and learn to protect themselves online.