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Migrating Shift RMM to Containers

Migrating Shift RMM to Containers We have been working on a branch of shift-rmm that will change how it is deployed from manually downloading binaries from GitHub to using containers.

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Opnsense Support Coming Soon

OPNSense Support Comming Soon Right Now we are currently working adding support for OPNSense. Currently we have support for CPU, memory, and network stats.

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Use My Ansible Playbooks

What Do My Playbooks Do and Which Should One Should You Use? Dotfiles Configure zsh to my liking for every user on the system Configure bash to my liking for every user on the system Run Neofetch everytime zsh starts Config nano to show line numbers and set tabs to spaces with width 4 Change the look of the bash shell on RedHat systems Remove most of the info out of the “message of the day” (motd) on Ubuntu Base Install updates Do everything in the above dotfiles role Install Cockpit for managing boxes via a GUI Setup a systemd service and timer to run every night at midnight as well as after boot Install Neofetch Install FreeIPA client and realmd for joining a domain Install update-motd for changing the message of the day Install htop for pretty stats Install SSH Install the upgrade plugin for Fedora Remove older versions of my Ansible playbooks Desktop Do everything in the above base role Do everything in the above dotfiles role Install the Flatpak and Nextcloud PPA on Ubuntu Install codecs for playing non-free codecs on Fedora Install dav1d codecs Install the network manager plugin for OpenVPN Add the Flathub repo for Flatpaks Install Riot, Spotify, DBeaver, and Remmina via Flatpak Create a service and timer to deploy the latest settings nightly Deploying My Playbooks On Ubuntu, you need to run the following commands to install Ansible some libraries need for Ansible to work.

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