These are the brands we trust and use. We pride ourselves in not telling people to use services that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is an and afforable cloud hosting provider that makes managing and creating cloud infrastructure easy. They offer everything from virtual machines to kubernetes clusters. They offer one-click apps for common web servers like LAMP and LAP as well as full applications like the GitLab and Discourse. Digital Ocean has block storage that can easily be attached to a droplet as well as S3 compatible storage. Recently, they have been rolling out managed Postgres, MySQL, and Redis so you can spend more time developing and less time managing databases.

Private Internet PIA

Private Internet Access is a VPN provider that has proven multiple times that they do not track their users. PIA is great for those that want to browse the internet without their ISP or network admins knowing were they are going. With exit points all over the world, you can make it look like you are browsing the web from anywhere. It runs on any device and has a variety of features and settings so you are sure to get the experience you desire. This includes a kill switch that will disconnect your entire internet connection if the VPN is disconnected to prevent your data from ending up in the wrong hands. PIA also makes it possible to route all or some of your home network traffic through PIA so that you don’t have to setup an app on every client on your network.