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Hosted Remote Monitoring

Easy access and monitoring for all your devices

Customized Development

Custom script development to help improve our product

Open Source

Insights into the tool that controls and monitors all your infrastructure

Shift Mon

Shift Mon

$125/ Month

  • Dedicated cloud instance or managed on prem VM for up to 300 sensors
  • A sensor is 100 websites, 100 SSL certs, or 1 device/VM
  • Ansible role and shell script for deploying to Linux hosts
  • Powershell script for deploying to Windows
  • Website and SSL Monitoring
  • OPNSense and PFSense Monitoring
  • Proxmox Monitoring
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Custom Development

$125/ Hour

  • Powershell scripts related to software delivery
  • Custom Ansible playbooks to create repeatable and automated deployments
  • Bash scripts for environments without configuration management
  • Custom dashboards and collector configs for our monitoring platform
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  • Supports open source development
  • Lets us know we are doing a good job

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Opnsense Support Coming Soon

OPNSense Support Comming Soon Right Now we are currently working adding support for OPNSense. Currently we have support for CPU, memory, and network stats.

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