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Parental Control Consulting

Giving you peace of mind when it comes to your family’s digital wellbeing

Security Incident Response

Helping you recover from unexpected situations

Personal & Small Business Consulting

Helping you use technology efficiently, effectively, and successfully

Monitoring Solutions

Automating the best of open-source observability tools

Custom Development

Assisting with custom feature development & automation consulting

Our Team

Mathias Palmersheim

Mathias Palmersheim


Mathias founded Shift Systems to help people gain valuable insights into their technology using open-source wherever possible. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Engineering from Loras College along with minor in Mathematics and Computer Science. He also has a really cool home lab. Mathias Enjoys automating repetitive tasks, petting dogs, and long walks on the beach.

Shelby Ameling

Shelby Ameling

Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer

Shelby is a certified ethical hacker who loves to educate others on how to improve their security posture. With multiple degrees from Hawkeye Community College (including an AAS in Network Administration and Engineering and an AAS in Information Systems Management), her talents are only exceeded by the charm of her partner in crime, Miku, our Chief Executive Paw-fficer.



Chief Executive Pawficer

Miku loves to observe the goings on of the office and keep everyone in line. Constantly monitoring the yard and entry for intruders, she keeps the office secure.



Bark-based Intrustion Detection System

Max patiently waits for Miku to alert him of a potential threat and ensures that any would-be attacker is thwarted by shear fear as he barks incessantly until he feels the perimeter is safe. He occasionally continues to bark for good measure.



$125/ Month

  • Dedicated cloud instance or managed on prem VM for up to 300 sensors
  • A sensor is 100 websites, 100 SSL certificates, or 1 device/VM
  • Ansible role & shell script for deploying to Linux hosts
  • Powershell script for deploying to Windows
  • Website & SSL Monitoring
  • Proxmox, OPNSense, & PFSense Monitoring
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Custom Development

$125/ Hour

  • Powershell scripts related to software delivery
  • Custom Ansible playbooks to create repeatable & automated deployments
  • Bash scripts for environments without configuration management
  • Custom dashboards & collector configurations for our monitoring platform
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Tech Support / Consulting

$100/ Hour

  • All materials at cost (No Mark-up)
  • One hour minimum for all services
  • Applies to Parental Control Consulting, Security Incident Response, & Personal/Small Business Consulting
  • Estimates available where possible
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Digital Ocean

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Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access (PIA)

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